The wide range of available output capacities of DS Flat Yarn Making Machine models profide flexibility in the production of flat PP/PE yarns. All models,from the 125 kg/hr through to the 350 kg/hr models have gained enthusiastic market recongnition.


Ds's convention has always been  to offer highly efficient machinery with the ability to meet varying factors or requirements. Ds machines are all designed with capacity to spare in addition to meetion customer production requirements.


For various kinds of Flat Yarn products (such as Woven Sacks, Sandwich Fabric Bags, Jumbo Bags, Tarpaulines, Straps, Net Bags or Bond Ropes), Ds Flat Yarn Making Machines have served well as the plastic industry's reliable production source for the basic proudction material;PP/PE yarns.

Screw & T-Shaped Die

The melted, homogenized PP/PE material is fed by our special screw, to be extruded through the adjustable 2-step T-shaped die as a uniform film. The specially designed extruder prevents the destruction of the polymer chains during the cooling treatment.