Multi utilities

The DS Extrusion Coating Machine is designed for many kinds of Kraft paper, PP/PE or customized lamination functions. With the Reverse mechanism, double-sided lamination is available without requiring two extruders.

Automatic Rewinder

The Automatic Winder on this machine controls length and reduces labor reliance by automatically changing the finished product roll. Optional equipment provides a wide range of functions to choose from; i.e. brake, Edge Position Control (EPC), corona, length measurement. All serve to enhance the machine’s basic lamination process.


The lamination of Kraft-paper or woven fabrics using the DS/PP/PE Extrusion Coating Machine will enhance the base material’s printability. It also provides better resistance to mechanical or chemical damage.

The specially designed DS Expansion Roller eliminated wrinkles from the middle and edges of the materials the gradual application of tension. The results are smooth and even surfaces for the coating/lamination process.