Tubing & Printing


The DS series of Tubing machinery are suitable for almost all kinds of large packaging bags, flat month bags, gusset bags, valve bags, block-bottom bags…etc. All models come with color printing facilities. Bags material could be Kraft paper, Laminated paper, Sandwich paper and Laminated PP/PE woven fabric, or most other materials.

Flexible facilities

A host of optional equipment are also available to meet the requirement, according to the bag type; i.e. perforation, ink drier, auto collector, soft bag conveyor, cross glue, straight glue, corona and etc. 

Reliable Mass production

With synchronized feeding, folding and cutting components, the DS Tubing and Printing machine is capable of producing 120 to 220 bags/min. It also reduces waste and labor requirement through simple, yet efficient design. The many built-in, adjustable features make switching production between varied-sized packaging bags in the shortest possible downtime, a reality.

Heavy Duty Mechanism

Like all DS manufactured machinery, the Tubing and Printing Machine is designed for long operating lives. Components and mechanisms are designed and manufactured for reliable daily operation. Maintenance is conveniently carried out via access panels/boxes.