Circular looms

Plenty Models

DS products 4, 6, 8-shuttle looms and heavy fabric looms for woven PP/PE fabric production. All DS looms are able to fun smoothly, whether light or heavy denier yarns are utilized. These looms cover the production of sacks, sandwich fabrics, jumbo bag, tarpaulin and customized web styles.


From the Yarn feed to the fabric winding stand, DS looms have been awarded many patents through design improvements. The yarn squeezers, weft reinforcing device, double deck insertion etc., allows for a complete production solution for woven bags/sheets.

Auto detection

DS looms come fully equipped with weft compensation and yarn protection devices, to enhance cost savings. They minimize waste while saving power and labor.

Long term running

High precision machined parts are widely used on DS looms. Friction and heat are minimized to their lowest possible levels.  Whether it is opening a new production line or expanding an existing one, DS looms have been repeatedly selected for their high throughput, reliability and cost effectiveness.